Peanut Bar


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Building A Foundation For Change

Together, we can make a difference. Get involved. Speak up. End racism.

The time is now.

We pledge to support our communities near and far, by doing more to help create a world in which individual, institutional and systemic racism are eliminated.

The Peanut Bar is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase online or in store. Oven roasted peanuts encased in premium sustainable milk or 64% dark chocolate and topped with sea salt flakes. Net weight 40 g

100% of sales for the Peanut Bar will be donated to The Canadian Race Relations Foundation. 

Their Mission Statement:
''The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is committed to building a national framework for the fight against racism in Canadian society. We will do this through knowledge-sharing and community support in the pursuit of equity, fairness, social justice and systemic change."

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