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Easter – tradition, family and friends and food, glorious food

Easter – tradition, family and friends and food, glorious food

Easter is an important Christian holiday rooted in tradition – an occasion to gather and celebrate with friends and family. For many, it’s also associated with the beginning of spring – of new growth, longer days, fresh air and…chocolate.

Julien grew up in Roquebrune-sur-Argens, a small town near the French Riviera with a history dating back over a thousand years. A typical fortified Provencal village, Roquebrune-sur-Argens is full of charm and beauty.

Julien’s parents owned a campground – Le Moulin Des Iscles – it was a picture-perfect place for Easter Egg Hunts in early Spring in France. His parents bought their chocolate from the village chocolatier called Taxi where coincidentally, they used to work. Julien’s father was a pastry chef and chocolatier and his mother delighted customers at the counter. Hmm…history does indeed repeat itself.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Nathalie grew up in the hills of picturesque Chelsea, Quebec. Close to Ottawa, on the Ottawa River, this region is a natural paradise. Easter traditions always included an Easter Egg Hunt – with chocolate eggs scattered between patches of snow and grass. Not quite Spring in Canada. And, at home, a large bunny was waiting to be nibbled. If there was chocolate left over – hard to believe – Nathalie’s Mom would freeze it, only to have it reappear for a chocolate fondue on a special occasion.

Baby Nathalie and her Sister at Easter

For both Nathalie and Julien, Easter festivities included a beautiful meal, surrounded by loved ones. This year, for their little ones, history will repeat itself - making Easter memories, honouring old traditions and creating new ones.

This Easter, ROUSSEAU Chocolatier is delighted to offer a beautiful collection of chocolate creations for gift-giving, to add to your Easter table or to savour secretly on your own:

  • Easter Animals – a barn yard full of chocolate…bunnies, sheep, piggies and lambs – available in milk and dark chocolate 
  • Lux Eggs – hand painted in 2 sizes - these works of art are filled with our beloved chocolate sea creatures 
  • Single eggs – individually wrapped, these premium, coloured eggs are perfect for your Easter Egg Hunt
  • Chocolate Egg Carton (with eggs of course) – fun and whimsical, this fully-edible egg carton (milk or dark chocolate), includes 6 colourful eggs

All are available in vegan and gluten friendly options.

This year, we invite you to have your own grown-up Easter Egg Hunt – even if it’s just slipping an exquisite chocolate creation somewhere special for your loved one to find. After all, you’re never too old to enjoy a good childhood.

Happy Easter from our family to yours,

Nathalie and Julien

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